Strength. Wellness. Fitness. Life.

Two Seniors StretchingOur philosophy is that all generations should have access to preventative care through exercise. We promise compassion, wellness and affordability.

Consistency over time is a key element to any program, whether it be training for a race, or trying to improve a client’s transfer ability. Initially, we find that focusing on the psychosocial aspect helps us build a strong relationship, rapport and trust with our clients, allowing us to maximize the physical results of our program.

Because we are a private pay based service, we aren’t confined by the limitations insurance companies place on services such as Physical and Occupation Therapy. This allows us to work with our clients as they age, for months and even years to help them stay as functional and comfortable as possible. Whether you have had a recent hospitalization, need gait retraining, or an overall increase in your physical fitness level, we can be of service to you.

Get more information on exercise, diet and Alzheimer’s/Dementia.

Why work with Senior Functional Fitness?

  • Free, no obligation functional assessment
  • Experienced certified senior personal trainers
  • We travel to your private residence
  • Individualized exercise to meet your needs
  • Advocacy and thorough communication
  • Preventative measure to stay healthy & maintain independence
  • Cost-effective & preventative healthcare approach to improve quality of life
  • Month by month participation basis
  • Self-pay service

Symbolism Behind the Lotus Flower

The Senior Functional Fitness logo is in the spirit of the meaning of the lotus flower. According to different cultures, the lotus has different meanings, however all of them surround the life cycle of this unique flower. The roots of the flower grow from mud, the stem emerges through the water, and the heavily scented flower lies perfectly flush, blossoming for all to admire. This pattern of growth reflects that of the cycle of human life. This flower is a symbol of the miracle of health, strength, and life.

The lotus is a reminder to shine through life’s hard times and show your best side to the outside world. It also represents well-being, and a strong bond between family members. Our functional fitness program encompasses our clients’ needs and believes in the facilitation of self-growth at any age. Senior Functional Fitness involves the family and supporting members through advocacy, communication, and compassion. Our goal is to create a warm atmosphere that is inspirational, and non-judgmental, in order to assist in the success and maintenance of individual goals.

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